Harris Lodging is easy access to Interstate 81.  If coming from south heading north on Int.81 get off Exit 37 Sandy Creek.  Take a right off the exit on Harwood Drive, then take a quick left on Academy Street, and another quick left on Salisbury Street.  Harris Lodging will be on your left Five houses down with the sign out front at 141 Salisbury Street.
Driving Directions N. Bound on Interstate 81.
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Driving Directions S. Bound on Interstate 81.
If coming from north heading south on Int.81 get off Exit 37 Sandy Creek.  Take a left off the exit on Salisbury Street.  Drive over bridge and Harris Lodging will be the fourth house on your right at 141 Salisbury Street.  Our sign is posted out front of the lodge.
Why are we Centrally located?

For fisherman: They have the opportunity of going five minutes in each direction to hit every fishing hot spot around.  They have the option of hopping on Int. 81south to exit 36 Pulaski to fish the amazing Salmon River.  They have the option to head west to enjoy deep sea charter fishing of Lake Ontario. They have the option to head south on Int.81 to Ellisburg to enjoy fishing for Steelhead and Salmon.  They have the option of heading east to enjoy fishing the Redfield Reservoir for bass and trout.
For Skiiers/Snowmobilers: If you don't like carting your sleds to the trails, then this is the place to stay.  We are located on the base of the Tug Hill.  Snowmobilers can leave right from our lodge and hop on the trail systems that can take you anywhere such as Pulaski,Sandy Pond, Redfield, Montegue, and to wherever their heart desires.  During the Tug Hill Tourathon, Skiiers can hop on a bus across the street and they will transport you to the trails.  The time to get their is about five minutes to the groomed trail system that you will enjoy for miles and miles.
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141 Salisbury Street Sandy Creek,NY 13145                 (315)387-5907
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